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About Us

The Mexho® is dedicated to providing you up-to-date, information about the Most Exclusive Homes. In an effort to support our website and provide resources to our visitors, we accept advertising in appropriate places throughout our website, from appropriate advertisers. “Advertising” is content displayed on our website for which we receive compensation. We have developed these advertising policies to explain how advertising interacts with our websites and the restrictions and limitations we place on advertising. We work hard to differentiate advertising from editorial content. Our editorial content is in no way influenced by advertising you see on this website.

No Endorsements or Guarantees

We do not evaluate the products and/or services advertised on the website. The appearance of an advertisement on this website is not a form of warranty, guarantee, or endorsement for the product or service. The featuring of an advertisement near, within, or around editorial content does not influence the editorial content. We clearly label forms of advertisement within our websites.

Types of Advertising

We feature three types of advertising on our website: Ads, Sponsorships, and Advertorials.


Ads are clearly marked with the label . We do not control the content featured within an ad, and in no way endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the information within the ad. In some cases an ad may link to another website, if so, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information published on that website. An ad will in no way influence the content within the page it is featured.



Sponsorships are clearly labeled with “Sponsored by”. A logo or a link may appear on a content page next to these words to indicate a particular page on our website is funded by this sponsor. The sponsor will have no influence over the editorial content featured on the page.



Advertorials are pages influenced or created by an advertiser and are not editorial content. These pages will be clearly labeled with “Provided By”.


No Influence over Editorial Content

Advertisers have no influence over our editorial content.


User Privacy

Our visitors’ privacy is our utmost priority. While we do share aggregate information about our website with advertisers for reporting purposes, we do not share personal information about visitors with any third party. To learn more, visit our Privacy Policy.