Warning! Celebrity home's or former home's are private residences which may be viewed from the outside by driving by these properties.  Do not attempt to speak with any resident, trespass on their land or intrude on their privacy in any way or you will be arrested. That is the law, they do not make exceptions. The information provided is for visitors who would like to see their favorite stars home or former home, without taking the expensive bus tours on offer.



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Celebrity & Movie Stars Addresses in
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Celebrity Addresses.
Search for your favorite celebrities address or homes of the rich & famous, by surname. Celebrity & Movie Star homes are also listed by area, giving you not only the address of your favorite celebrity or movie star, but to many other celebrity homes in the same area. These addresses are not given as mailing addresses, but as a list of homes and former homes of celebrities in Los Angeles whose houses you may wish to view (See Warning on this page).

Warning! Celebrity home's or former home's are private residences which may be viewed from the outside by driving by these properties.  Do not attempt to speak with any resident, trespass on their land or intrude on their privacy in any way or you will be arrested. That is the law, they do not make exceptions. The information provided is for visitors who would like to see their favorite stars home or former home, without taking the expensive bus tours on offer.

Celebrity & Movie Stars addresses by Area. 
Areas containing celebrity & movie star homes including the names & addresses of the celebrities who live there.

Miami Hollywood    Beverly Hills   Bel-Air   Brentwood   Malibu
Santa Monica   Pacific Palisades   Palisades Beach Road  
Studio City TheHills Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Encino





Arnold Tom. 14046 Aubrey Rd. Beverly Hills.

Alpert Herb . 31930 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Allen Steve. 16185 Woodvale Rd.  Enciono.

Alley Kirstie. 4875 Louise Ave. Encino.

Anderson Pamela 31340 Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills

Andress Ursula. 1740 Clearview Dr Beverly Hills

Andrews Julie. 11948 Saltair Terrace, Brentwood

Anka Paul. 12078 Summit Cr. Beverly Hills.

Aniston Jennifer 1026 Ridgedale, Beverly Hills

Arness James. 830 Brooktree Dr Pacific Palisades

Arthur Jean. 13130 Boca de Canon Ln  Brentwood

Asner Ed. 3556 Mould View Ave. Studio City.

Astaire Fred. 1155 San Ysidro Dr. Beverly Hills

Arquette David. 230 N Carmelina Ave, Los Angeles.

Austin Tracy. 5 Williamsburg Lane Rolling Hills

Autry Gene. 10985 Bluffside Dr. Studio City

Ayers Lew. 2355 Sunset Plaza Dr. Hollywood Hills

Ayckroyd Dan. 7708 Woodrow Wilson Dr. Hollywood


Bacall Lauren. 232 Mapleton Dr. Bel Air.

Bacharach Burt. 681 Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades

Backus Jim. 10941 Bellagio Rd. Bel Air

Bara Theda 632 Alpine Dr. Beverly Hills

Baker Carroll. 701 Foothill Rd .Beverly Hills

Ball Lucille. 1000 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills

Bancroft Ann. 915 Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills.

Banderas Antonio. 201 S. Rockingham Ave. Brentwood.

Barr Roseanne. 2570 Benedict Canyon Dr. Beverly Hills.

Barry Gene. 809 Whittier Dr. Beverly Hills

Barrymore Drew. 360 Martel Ave. Hollywood.

Barrymore Lional. 802 Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.

Bassinger Kim. 4833 Don Jaun Pl. Woodland Hills.

Baxter Anne. 8650 Pinetree Pl. Hollywood Hills.

Beatty Warren. 13671 Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills.

Belushi James. 12323 Helena Dr. LA.

Bendix William. 5031 Encino Ave. Encino.

Benny Jack. 1002 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.


Berle Milton. 908 Cresent Dr. Beverly Hills.

Bergman Ingrid. 1220 Benedict Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Berry Hale. 1368 Doheny Pl. LA.

Bishop Joey. 1025 Chevy Chase Dr. Beverly Hills.

Bisset Jacqueline. 1815 Benedict Canyon Dr. Beverly Hills



Bixby Bill. 10100 Galaxy Way. Century City.

Blair Janet. 619 Linden Dr. Beverly Hills.

Bogart Humphrey. 232 Mapleton Dr. Beverly Hills.

Bolger Ray. 618 Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills.

Bond Ward. 9510 Cherokee Lane. Beverly Hills.

Bono Sonny. 364 St. Cloud Rd. Bel Air.

Boone Pat. 904 N. Beverly Drive. Beverly Hills.

Borgine Ernest.  3055 Lake Glen Dr. Beverly Hills

Bow Clara.  512 N. Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills.

Boyer Charles. 802 Linden Dr. Beverly Hills.
Brando Marlon. 12900 Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills.

Brice Fanny. 312 N. Faring Rd. Beverly Hills.

Bridges Beau. 2770 Hutton Dr. Beverly Hills.

Bridges Jeff . 2882 Home Rd Malibu.

Bridges Lloyd. 225 Loring Ave. Bel Air.

Brittany Morgan. 3434 Cornell Rd Agoura Hills.

Bronson Charles. 3661 Cross Creek Rd. Malibu.

Brooks Mel. 23868 Malibu Rd Malibu.

Brosnan Pierce. 31663 Broadbeach Way. Malibu.

Burnett Carol. 10240 Century Woods Dr. Century City.

Burns George. 720 N. Maple Dr. Beverly Hills.

Busey Gary. 18424 Coastline Dr. Malibu.

Buttons Red. 778 Tortuoso Way. Bel Air.


Caan James. 1435 Stone Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Caesar Sid. 1910 Lomavista Dr. Beverly Hills.

Cage Nicholas. 363 Copa De Oro Rd. Bel Air.

Cagney James. 2069 Coldwater Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Caine Michael. 1309 Davies Dr. Bel Air.

Calhoun Rory. 901 Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills.

Candy John. 1630 Mandeville Canyon. Brentwood.

Cannon Dyan.  98 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu.

Carolla Adam. 12940 Addison St, Los Angeles.

Carlisle Belinda. 1843 Benedict Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Carr Vicky. 2289 Betty Lane. Beverly Hills.

Carry Jim. 615 Tigertail Rd. Brentwood.

Carson Johnny.  22240 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.

Carter Linda. 3114 Abington Dr. Beverly Hills.

Cassavettes John. 7917 Woodrow Wilson Dr. Hollywood.

Chandler Jeff.  1152 San Ysidro Dr. Bel Air.

Charles Ray. 349 S. Linden Dr. Beverly Hills.

Chaplin Charles. 1085 Summit Dr. Beverly Hills.

Charisse Cyd.  11114 Calle Vista Dr. Beverly Hills.

Chase Chevy 17492 Camino De Yatasto. Pacific Palisades

Cher.  27422 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.

Clark Dick.  27700 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.




Clooney Rosemary. 1019 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.

Clooney George. 151 El Camino. Beverly Hills.

Coburn James. 1601 Schuyler Rd. Beverly Hills.


Cole Nat King. 401 S. Muirfield Rd. Hancock Park.

Coleman Ronald. 1002 Summit Dr. Beverly Hills.

Collins Jackie. 26820 Malibu Colony Dr. Malibu.

Collins Joan. 2220 Bowmont Dr. Beverly Hills.

Conrad Robert.  21355 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.

Conrad William. 4031 Longridge Ave. Sherman Oaks.

Conte Richard. 1119 San Ysidro Dr. Bel Air.

Cooper Gary. 200 N. Baroda Dr. Bel Air.

Cosby Bill. 1500 Sorrento Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Costner Kevin. 2809 Nichols Canyon. Hollywood Hills.

Cotton Joseph. 17800 Tramonto Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Couples Fred. 1144 E Mountain Dr, Santa Barbara.

Cox Courtney. 230 N Carmelina Ave, Los Angeles.

Crawford Broderick. 183 Tigertail Rd.  Brentwood.

Crawford Joan.  426 N. Bristol Ave. Brentwood.

Crosby Bing.  594 S. Mapleton Dr. Beverly Hills.

Cruise Tom.  1525 Sorrento Drive. Pacific Palisades.

Crystal Billy. 860 Chautauqua Blvd. Pacific Palisades.

Cummings Robert.  1060 Laurel Way. Beverly Hills.

Curtis Jamie Lee. 158 Chatsworth Ave. Santa Monica.

Curtis Tony. 11831 Folkstone Lane. Bel Air.


Danson Ted. 719 Kingman Ave. Santa Monica.

Davis Bette. 301 N.  Rockingham Dr. Brentwood.

Davis Sammy Jr. 1151 Summit Dr. Beverly Hills.

Day Doris. 713 Crescent Dr. Beverly Hills.

Dean James.  14611 Sutton Street, Sherman Oaks.

Dee Sandra. 10051 Valley Spring Lane. Hollywood Hills.

DeHaviland Olivia  9560 Cedarbrook Drive, Beverly Hills.

Dern Bruce & Laura. 23430 Malibu Colony Dr. Malibu.

DeVito Danny.  31020 Broad Beach Rd.  Malibu.

Diamond Neil. 904 Glenway.  Beverly Hills.

Dickinson Angie. 1715 Carla Ridge. Beverly Hills.

Dietrich Marlene. 822 Rexford Drive. Beverly Hills.

Diller Phyllis. 163 Rockingham Ave. Brentwood.

Disney Walt.  355 Carolwood Dr. Beverly Hills.

Doherty Shannen. 1654 Doheny Dr. Beverly Hills.

Dolenz Micky. 15173 Encanto Dr. Sherman Oaks.

Dorf Stephen 21640 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu.

Douglas Kirk.  805 N. Rexford Dr. Beverly Hills.

Douglas Michael.  812/26 Napoli Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Downey Robert.  29169 Heathercliff  Rd. Malibu.

Dreyfuss Richard. 14820 Valley Vista Blvd. Sherman Oaks

Duff Howard. 13211 Old Oak Lane. Brentwood.

Duke Patty. 266 Denslow Ave. Hollywood Hills.

Dunaway Faye. 1435 Lindacrest Dr. Beverly Hills.

Durante Jimmy.  511 Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills.

Duryea Dan.  7621 Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills.

Duvall Robert.  6238 Bonsall.  Malibu.

Dylan Bob.  29400 Bluewater Dr. Malibu.



Eastwood Clint.  846 Stradella Rd. Bel Air.

Eddy Nelson. 166 Ashdale Pl. Brentwood.

Edwards Blake  11948 Saltair Terrace, Brentwood

Edwards Vince. 1457 Miller Way. LA.

Egger Samantha. 706 N. Maple Dr. Beverly Hills.

Ekland Britt.  800 Stone Canyon Rd. Bel Air.

Elliot Sam.  33050 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.

Estevez Emilio. 31725 Sea Level Drive. Malibu.

Evans Linda.  9115 Hazen Drive. Beverly Hills.



Fairbanks Douglas.  1515 Amalfi Rd. Pacific Palisades.

Fairchild Morgan.  3480 Blair Drive. Hollywood Hills.

Falk Peter.  1004 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.

Farrantino James.  1014 N. Doheny Dr. Hollywood Hills.

Farrow Mia.  809 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.

Fawcett Farrah.  9507 Heather Rd.  Beverly Hills.

Field Sally.  3412 Cloudcroft Dr. Malibu.

Fisher Carrie.  1700 Coldwater Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Fisher Eddy.  1328 Beverly Est Drive. Beverly Hills.

Fitzgerald Ella.   908 N. Whittier Dr. Beverly Hills.

Fleiss Heidi. 1270 Tower Grove Dr. Beverly Hills.

Fleming Rhonda. 901 Strada Vecchia Rd. Bel Air.

Flynn Errol. 7740 Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills.

Fonda Henry. 10744 Chalon Rd. Bel Air.

Fonda Jane. 153 Wandsworth Ave. Santa Monica.
Fonda Peter. 2179 Linda Flora Dr. Beverly Hills.

Ford Glen. 911 Oxford Way. Beverly Hills.

Ford Harrison.  655 McCulloch Dr. Brentwood.

Forsythe John.  11560 Bellagio Rd. Bel Air.

Foster Jodie. 4880 Queen Florence Ln, Los Angeles.

Frampton Peter.  662 Stone Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Franciosa Tony.  567 Tigertail Rd. Brentwood.