Warning! Celebrity home's or former home's are private residences which may be viewed from the outside by driving by these properties.  Do not attempt to speak with any resident, trespass on their land or intrude on their privacy in any way or you will be arrested. That is the law, they do not make exceptions. The information provided is for visitors who would like to see their favorite stars home or former home, without taking the expensive bus tours on offer.




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Celebrity & Movie Stars Addresses in
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Celebrity Addresses.
Search for your favorite celebrities address or homes of the rich & famous, by surname. Celebrity & Movie Star homes are also listed by area, giving you not only the address of your favorite celebrity or movie star, but to many other celebrity homes in the same area. These addresses are not given as mailing addresses, but as a list of homes and former homes of celebrities in Los Angeles whose houses you may wish to view (See Warning on this page).

Warning! Celebrity home's or former home's are private residences which may be viewed from the outside by driving by these properties.  Do not attempt to speak with any resident, trespass on their land or intrude on their privacy in any way or you will be arrested. That is the law, they do not make exceptions. The information provided is for visitors who would like to see their favorite stars home or former home, without taking the expensive bus tours on offer.

Celebrity & Movie Stars addresses by Area. 
Areas containing celebrity & movie star homes including the names & addresses of the celebrities who live there.

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Gable Clark. 4543 Tara Dr. Encino

Gabor Zsa Zsa. 1001 Bel Air Rd.  Bel Air.

Garcia Andy.  4323 Forman Ave. Toluca Lake

Garland Judy.  924 Bel Air Rd. Bel Air.

Garner James. 33 Oakmont Dr. Brentwood.

Garson Greer.  680 Stone Canyon Rd.  Bel Air.

Gaynor Mitzi.  610 Arden Dr. Beverly Hills.

Gazzara Ben.  661 Woodruff Ave. Brentwood.

Gershwin George.  1019 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.

Gershwin Ira. 1021 N. Roxbury Dr.  Beverly Hills.

Gibson Mel. 23353 Palm Canyon Lane. Malibu.

Gilbert John. 1400 Tower Grove Dr. Beverly Hills.

Glaser Paul Michael.  317 Georgina Ave. Santa Monica.

Goldberg Whoopi. 146 N. Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Goldblum Jeff.  13205 Cheltenham Dr. Sherman Oaks.

Goldwyn Samuel. 1200 Laurel Lane. Beverly Hills.

Goodman John.  619 Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Gossett Lou Jr.  5916 Bonsall Dr. Malibu.

Gould Elliott.  12169 Greenock Lane. Brentwood.

Grable Betty.  1008 Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills.

Grainger Stewart. 728 Linda Flora Dr. Beverly Hills.

Grant Cary. 10615 Bellagio Rd. Beverly Hills.

Gray Linda.  4539 St. Charles Pl. LA.

Greene Lorne. 2090 Mandeville Canyon Rd. Brentwood.

Grey Joel. 7515 Clinton St. W/Hollywood.

Griffin Merv.  603 N. Doheny Dr. Beverly Hills.

Griffith Melanie.  9555 Heather Rd. Beverly Hills.

Guttenberg Steve.  1401 Calla Del Tonella.  Pacific Palisades.


Hackman Gene. 9901 Copley Dr. Beverly Hills. 

Hagman Larry. 23730 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu.

Haley Jack. 1001 Beverly Br. Beverly Hills.

Hamilton George. 1113 Tower Rd. Beverly Hills.

Hanks Tom.  23414 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu.

Hardy Oliver.  621 Alta Dr. Beverly Hills.

Harlow Jean. 512 N. Palm Dr. Beverly Hills.

Harmon Mark. 2045 Maneville Canyon. Beverly Hills.

Harrison Rex. 1106 San Ysidro Dr. Beverly Hills.

Harvey Laurence. 1000 Cresent Drive. Beverly Hills.

Hasselhoff David.  4310 Sutton Place. Sherman Oaks.

Hawn Goldie.  30804 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu.

Hayward Susan. 3801 Longridge Ave. Studio City.

Hayworth Rita. 512 N. Palm Dr. Beverly Hills.

Hedrin Tippi . 4156 Knob Hill Dr. Sherman Oaks.

Heflin Van. 166 Tigertail Rd. Brentwood.

Hefner Hugh. 10236 Charing Cross Rd. Bel Air.

Hemmings David. 64 Malibu Col. Rd Malibu.

Hepburn Katharin. 1300 N.Harper Ave. W/Hollywood.

Heston Charlton.  2859 Coldwater Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Hitchcock Alfred.  10957 Bellagio Rd. Bel Air.

Hoffman Dustin.  31045 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu.

Hogan Paul.  12400 Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills.

Holden William. 606 N. Linden Dr. Beverly Hills.

Hope Bob. 10346 Moorpark St. Toluca Lake, W/Hollywood.

Hopkins Anthony.  1331 Monument. Pacific Palisades.

Hopper Dennis.  330 Indiana Ave. Venice.

Houdini Harry.  2398 Laurel Canyon Rd. Hollywood Hills.

Howard Leslie. 606 Camden Drive Beverly Hills.

Howard Ron. 4535 Encino Ave. Encino.



Hudson Rock.  9402 Beverly Crest. Beverly Hills.

Hughes Howard. 1001 Bel Air Rd. Bel Air.

Humperdinck Englebert.  10100 Sunset Blvd. Beverly Hills.

Hunt Helen.  345 St. Pierre Rd. Bel Air


Idol Billy 7267 Outpost Dr. Hollywood Hills


Jackson Janet. 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills.

Jackson Family Home. 4641 Hayvenhurst Ave. Encino.

Jackson Michael. 6983 Wildlife Rd. Malibu.

Jackson Samual L. 5128 Encino Ave. Encino.

Johnson Don. 9555 Heather Rd. Beverly Hills.

Jolson Al.  4875 Louise Ave. Encino.

Jones Jennifer.  21336 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.

Jones Spike. 708 N. Oakhurst Dr. Beverly Hills.

Jones Tom. 363 Copa De Oro Rd. Bel Air.

Jones Quincy. 1000 Bel Air Rd.  Bel Air.


Karloff Boris.  629 Rexford Dr. Beverly Hills.

Kay Danny. 1103 San Ysidro Dr. Beverly Hills.

Keach Stacy. 27425 Winding Way. Malibu.

Keaton Diane. 2255 Verde Oak Dr. LA.

Keaton Michael.  826 Napoli Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Keaton Buster.  1018 Pamela Drive. Beverly Hills.

Kercheval Ken.  1903 Outpost Dr. Hollywood.

Keith Brian.  23449 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu.

Kelly Gene. 725 N. Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills.

Kern Jerome. 917 Whittier Drive. Beverly Hills.

Kidman Nicole. 234 N Glenroy Ave, Los Angeles

Kimmel Jimmy. 490 S.Farrell Dr, Palm Springs.

Kitt Eartha. 1230 La Collina Dr. Hollywood Hills.

Klugman Jack.  22548 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.

Kristofferson Kris. 3179 Sumacridge Rd. Malibu.



Ladd Cheryl.  9051 Oriole Way. W/Hollywood.

Lamour Dorothy. 1375 N. Doheny Dr. Beverly Hills.

Lancaster Burt.  830 Linda Flora Way. Bel Air.

Landau Martin.  241 Barlock Ave. Brentwood.

Landis John.  9402 Beverly Crest Dr. Beverly Hills.

Landon Michael.  5920 Bonsali Drive. Malibu.

Lange Hope.  270 N. Bentley Dr. Brentwood.

Lansbury Angela.  635 Bonhill Rd. Brentwood.

Lanza Mario. 355 St. Cloud Rd. Bel Air.

Laughton Charles.  14950 Corona Del Mar.  Pacific Palisades.

Laurel Stan.  718 Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills.

Lawford Peter.  625 Beach Rd (PCH).  Santa Monica

LeBrock Kelly.  2282 Mandeville Canyon Rd. Brentwood.

Lee Gypsy Rose.  1240 Cerrocrest Dr. Beverly Hills.

Lee Peggy.  603 Canon Dr. Beverly Hills.

Leigh Janet. 1625 Summit Ridge Dr. Beverly Hills.

Lemmon Jack. 1143 Tower Rd. Beverly Hills.

Leno Jay.  1151 Tower Rd. Beverly Hills.

Leonard Sugar Ray. 1550 Amalfi Dr.  Pacific Palisades.

Letterman David.  6731 Fernhill Dr. Malibu.

Levant Oscar. 905 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.

Lewis Jerry.  322 St. Cloud Rd. Bel Air.

Liberace.  8433 Harold Way. Hollywood Hills.

Liotta Ray.  16829 Monte Hermoso Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Lithgow John.  1319 Warnall Ave. Brentwood.

Lloyd Harold.  1740 Green Acres Dr. Beverly Hills.

Lombard Carole.  609 St. Cloud Rd. Bel Air.

Lorrie Peter.  1670 Mandeville Rd. Brentwood.

Long Shelly. 15237 Sunset Blvd. Brentwood.

Lowe Rob.   5968 Dome Drive. Malibu.




MacDonald Jeanette. 783 Bel Air Rd.  Bel Air.

MacDowell Roddy.  4415 Placida Dr. W/Hollywood.

MacGraw Ali.  31108 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu.

MacLaine Shirley.  25200 Old Malibu Rd.  Malibu.

MacMurray Fred.  485 Malvern Dr. Westwood.

Madonna.   6342  Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills.

Majors Lee.  23826 Malibu Rd. Malibu.

Malden Karl.  1845 Mandeville Canyon Rd. Brentwood.

Malone Dorothy.  707 Linden Dr. Beverly Hills.

Mancini Henry.  216 S. Mapleton Dr. Beverly Hills.

Manilow Barry.  802 Tortuoso Way. Bel Air.

Mansfield Jayne.  10100 Sunset Blvd. Bel Air.           

Margaret Ann.  2707 Benedict Canyon Rd.  Beverly Hills.

Martin Dean.  2002 Loma Vista Dr. Beverly Hills.

Martin Quinn.  621 Stone Canyon Rd. Bel Air.

Martin Steve.  1005 Beverly Glen. Bel Air.

Marx Groucho.  1083 N. Hillcrest Rd. Beverly Hills.

Massey Raymond.  913 Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills.

Mathis Johnny.  1469 Stebbins Terrace. Hollywood Hills.

Matthau Walter.   30936 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu.

Mayer Louis B.  322 St. Cloud Rd.  Bel Air.

McEnroe John.  23712 Malibu Colony Rd.  Malibu.

McQueen Steve.  27 Oakmont Dr. Brentwood.

Meredith Burgess.  23736 Malibu Rd. Malibu

Midlar Bette.  9481 Readcrest Dr. Beverly Hills.

Milland Ray.   10664 Bellagio Rd . Bel Air. 


Mills Donna.   2660 Benedict Canyon Rd.  Beverly Hills.

Mineo Sal.   8563 Holloway Dr. W/Hollywood.

Mix Tom.  1018 Summit Dr. Beverly Hills.
Mitcham Robert. 268 St. Pierre Rd. Bel Air.

Monroe Marilyn.   12305 Fifth Helena Dr. Brentwood.

Moore Demi.  22470 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu.

Moore Dudley.  5505 Ocean Front Walk.  Venice.

Murdoch Rupert.  1330 Angelo Dr. Beverly Hills.

Murphy Eddie.  2727 Benedict Canyon Rd. Beverly Hills.

Murray Bill.   24228 Malibu Rd. Malibu.


Newhart Bob.  420 Amapola Lane. Bel Air.

Newman Paul.  907 Whittier Dr. Beverly Hills.

Newton-John Olivia.  3655 McAnany Way. Malibu.

Nicholson Jack.  12858 Mulholland Dr. Beverly Hills.

Nielson Leslie. 1622 View Mont Dr. Hollywood Hills.

Niven David.  146 Amalfi Dr. Pacific. Palisades.

Nolte Nick.   6174 Bonsall Dr. Malibu.

Novak Kim.  780 Tortuoso Way. Bel Air. 


O’Brian Edmond.  675 Walther Way. Brentwood.

O’Brian Pat.  196 S. Rockingham Ave. Brentwood.

O’Connor Donald.  426 N. Bristol Ave. Brentwood.

O’Hara Maureen.  10677 Somma Way.  Bel Air.

O’Neal Ryan.   21368 Pacific Coast Highway.  Malibu.

O’Sullivan Maureen.   809 N. Roxbury Dr. Beverly Hills.

Osbourne Ozzy.   513 Doheny Rd.  Beverly Hills.



Page Patti.   603 Canon Dr. Beverly Hills.

Paget Debra.   805 Crescent Dr. Beverly Hills.

Palance Jack.  1006 Hartford Way.  Beverly Hills.

Parkes Larry.  1737 Nichols Canyon Rd.  Hollywood Hills.

Parkins Barbara.   1025 Swall Dr. W/Hollywood.

Peck Gregory.   375  N. Carolwood Dr. Bel Air.

Penn Sean.   22271 Carbon Mesa Rd.  Malibu.

Penn Sean.  6728 Zumirez. Malibu.

Peppard George.   1643 Linda Crest Dr.  Beverly Hills.

Perkins Anthony.  2840 Seattle Dr. W/Hollywood.

Petty Tom.   4626 Encino Ave.  Encino.

Pfeiffer Michelle.    3930 Legion Lane.  Malibu.

Plushette Susan.   11234 Westerly Dr.  Beverly Hills.

Pidgeon Walter.   230 Strada Corta Rd.  Bel Air.

Pitt Brad.  2705 Glen Dower Ave.  Hollywood Hills.

Poitier Sidney.   9255 Doheny Rd.  Beverly Hills.

Porter Cole.  416 N. Rockingham Ave. Brentwood.

Powell Dick.  608 Alpine Dr.  Beverly Hills.

Powell William.   10353 Strathmore Dr. Westwood.

Power Tyrone.   407 Rockingham Ave.  Brentwood.

Powers Stephanie.   2661 Hutton Dr.  Beverly Hills.

Prentiss Paula.   719 Foothill Rd.  Beverly Hills.

Presley Elvis.   1174 Hillcrest Drive. Beverly Hills.

Presley Priscilla.   1167 Summit Dr. Beverly Hills.

Price Vincent.   9255 Swallow Dr.  W/Hollywood.

Prowse Juliet. 1136 Tower Rd. Beverly Hills.

Pryer Richard.   4524 Haven Hurst. Encino.



Quinn Anthony.  355 St. Cloud Rd. Bel Air.


Raft George.  2170 Century Park East. Century City.

Reegan Ronald.  668 St. Cloud Rd. Bel Air.

Reddy Helen.  12850 Marlboro St.  Brentwood.

Redford Robert.  3122 Broad Beach Rd.  Malibu.

Reed Donna.  929 Alpine Dr. Beverly Hills.

Reeves George.  1579 Benedict Canyon Dr. Beverly Hills.

Reiner Carl.  714 N. Rodeo Dr. Beverly Hills.

Reinhold Judge.  1341 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica.

Remick Lee.   570 N. Bundy Drive, Brentwood.

Reynolds Burt.  22336 Pacific Coast Highway.  Malibu.

Reynolds Debbie.  813 Greenway Drive.  Beverly Hills.

Ritchie Lionel.  605 Funchal Rd. Bel Air.

Roberts Julia.   6220 Del Vale Dr. W/Hollywood.

Robinson Edward G.  910 Rexford Drive. Beverly Hills.

Robinson Smokey.  631 N. Oakhurst Dr. Beverly Hills.

Rogers Wayne.  916 Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills.

Romero Caesar.  361 N. Saltair Ave.  Brentwood.

Ronstadt Linda.  38 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu.

Rooney Mickey.  919 N. Rexford Dr. Beverly Hills.

Ross Diana.  701 N. Maple Dr. Beverly Hills.

Ross Katherine.  33050 Pacific Coast Highway.  Malibu.

Rush Barbara.  607 N. Maple Dr. Beverly Hills.

Russell Jane.  2934 Torito Rd . Santa Barbara

Russell Kurt.  30804 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu.

Ryan Meg.  7966 Woodrow Wilson Dr. Hollywood Hills.