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Palisades Beach Road

 Palisades Beach Road is what Pacific Coast Highway is called beneath Santa Monica Bluff's. Until 1991 these exclusive beach side homes were inaccessible to the general public as access was through the exclusive private beach club, The Sand & Sea Club. The Sand & Sea Club had been built on the former site of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst's 118 room, 55 bath mansion which he had built in 1928, for his mistress actress Marion Davies for a reputable $7 million dollars.  When the Sand & Sea closed down in 1991 the state leased the property for filming.  "Beverly Hills 90210" used the club as its focal point in the hit TV series. Over the year's these beach side property's have been home to a number of Hollywood legends.

Perhap's the most famous or indeed the most infamous of these homes is the house once owned by Peter Lawford - 625 Beach Road.  Peter Lawford was married to President John F. Kennedy's sister Pat and when the President visited L.A, whilst officially staying at the Beverly Hilton, he would spend his day's relaxing in this beach side house.  Lawford would also lay on starlets, models and hookers for the President, as well as lavish parties attended by his show business friends including members of the Rat pack and Marilyn Monroe. It was indeed at this house that John F. Kennedy had his secret affair and rendezvous'  with Marilyn Monroe whenever he visited L.A.  John Kennedy spent so much time here, it became known as the Western Branch of the White House.

Please Note:- Unless you park, you cannot sight see on Pacific Coast Highway (Beach Road) because there is to much traffic and no parking on Pacific Coast Highway. Car Park Lot 8 on Pacific Coast Highway, under the Santa Monica Bluff's is recommended as this is right next to Beach Road (See View Below). Lot 8 Car Park, at the side of Beach Road, looking down the beach at rear of properties. This beach is now open to the public so you can now view all these properties by walking along the sand to the end of the row. If you then take a left you will come out on Pacific Coast Highway, left again and you can use the walkway back. This allows you to walk past and view  all the fronts to these properties, indeed your so close you can almost see into them. Carry on walking to the end of these properties and you are back to the car park.

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Harold Lloyd at 443 Beach Road


Mae West at 514













Darryl Zanuck at 546


Samuel Goldwyn at 602


Harry Warner at 605/607


Louis B. Mayer and









Peter Lawford at 625









Douglas Fairbanks at 705